José Orrego Herrera
Enrique Bonilla Di Tolla
In 2012, a 20km tunnel crossed the Andes for the first time, taking with it water from the Amazon basin to the Pacific coastal desert, in the North of Peru. The Olmos hydraulic megaproject – as the Moche civilization did 2000 years ago - extends in 40,000 hectaresthe agricultural frontier which will create 250,000 jobs. This new scenario requires the imminent construction of a new city in the desert. The State absence, the improvisation and the informality, are the main characteristics of Peruvian urban development. In light of this unique opportunity, a team of 20 Peruvian architects has taken the initiative in getting together to propose urban and architectural dwelling strategies to tame the desert landscape that reflect the millenary Moche legacy.

The projects presented at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition under "Yucún or inhabit the desert" share physical, cultural and social ´common territory´, represent the first Peruvian participation at "la Biennale di Venezia" and embody the collective effort of Peruvian architects of participating in the national development and public life.
Artadi Architects
Baracco Asociados
Barclay & Crousse
Bragagnini Arquitectos
Carlos Palomino - Arquitectos del Norte
Carlos Pestana Arquitectos
Claudia Uccelli + OUA
David Mutal
García Milla - León Arquitectos
Gonzalez Moix Arquitectos
K + M Arquitectura y Urbanismo
Llosa Cortegana Arquitectos
Longhi Architects
Metropolis / José Orrego
OB+RA architects
Poggione + Biondi Arquitectos
Seinfeld Arquitectos
Vicca Verde
51-1 / Supersudaca
Ceramics: Carlos Runcie- Tanaka Textile: Cristina Colichon Video: Alfonso Casabonne